Online Casinos: Can You Play Them For Free?

Online Casinos: Can You Play Them For Free?

The biggest dilemma amongst novice and pro players playing online casinos is whether or not they should put their money into playing these games. While nothing spells awesome than the experience of hanging out in casinos, but then there is the variable of smoke-filled casinos, rude, unapologetic customers and not to mention, the whole thing is an expensive endeavor. Nothing beats being able to enjoy slot games from home. With the advent of the internet, you can now experience these slots right from the comfort of your home.

Playing online slots with money is almost the same as playing land-based casinos. The only difference is that online slot machines are digitized and come in multiple options and of course better graphics.

Are These Online Money Slots Safe?

It is all but natural to be a little hesitant before you try something new, but there are absolutely no risks as such when it comes to trying slots. The very first concern people have whilst playing online casinos is the safe way of gambling. Will their money be safe? Is their information safe? Are these casinos following fair gaming practices?

Online casinos rake up lakhs of dollars every year, so a player’s safety and security are imperative to their functioning. These casinos spend a substantial amount of money to procure gaming licenses and have their software tested on a regular basis to provide a glitch-free experience to players. This, however, doesn’t mean that cheating or fraud doesn’t take place at all. Such instances do happen but are very rare. One good way to avoid bad experiences is to sign up with trustworthy and reputed online rooms. Make sure that you check out online reviews before signing up for one. There are many web forums filled with online players and marketers who have their money invested in the gaming industry and don’t hesitate to provide fair reviews on games.

A good rule of thumb is to diversify your gaming experiences and spread your bankroll to more than one website rather than just pooling money on a single website. This will ensure that your money is evenly spread out which will also help reduce the chances of incurring losses.

Is It Possible To Start Without A Balance?    

Most slots nowadays come with a free trial option wherein you get the chance of getting the hang of the game and once satisfied, you can then use your money to play online. It is definitely a good idea to start out with free slots, and many games provide the experience of mini-games and bonus rounds to new patrons which is almost the same as playing with real cash. The only problem with this arrangement is that you lose out on the big money jackpots. With free trials, you can expect to win €1 to €35 depending on the slot. Playing with real money, however, improves your chance of winning it big. The odds of winning a jackpot are like a million to one but would you really want to take that chance of choosing a free game over real money? After all, who would want to pass up on the offer of winning hundreds of thousands or even million pounds?

Is There A Fixed Budget On Slots?

The thing about slots is that there is no set budget for such games. One can find titles that have low stakes to high stakes as per their preference. So it doesn’t really matter if you have €10 in your pocket or €10,000. You can find a slot that matches your preference as well as budget.

For new players trying out money slots for the first time, it is advisable to start with a low stakes slot first or try a hand with free slots.


 For low stakes game, you can play for as little as €0.02 which can then be stretched to €10 to €20.


High stakes slot on the other hand range from €5 per line to €150 per spin. Some of these fruit machines allow for even larger bets.

How Do You Start With Playing For Free?

Today online casino players have multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting their choice of games. Once you have found the free slots that you would like to play, you have an option of creating an account on the platform. This is one of the easiest ways to set up yourself up and doesn’t take much time since there is no need to furnish any kind of financial information to play free slots.

There are some free slot casinos though which may ask you to eventually make a deposit to keep playing on their platform but all in all, all one needs to do is take the initiative. If you wish to keep on paying free slots regularly then, these platforms charge a certain fee that let you keep your account active. The only deterrent is that you don’t ever get to cash out your winnings.

Are There Any Restrictions On Free Slots In Different Regions?

Yes, there does exist some restrictions regarding the use of online slots in some countries. When a casino has been barred from offering wagers to people of a certain state or country, it then looks to provide a free slot experience in hopes that the prospective players might sign up with them in the event of legalization if and when that happens.

Other popular outlets to play quality slot games for free is via social media, Android, and iOS apps. There are many other online marketplaces as well on the internet that provides access to such games and users have an option to download these and play them on their mobile phones and computers. If you are downloading slots from different sources other than official platforms, then make sure to get the ones which come free of cookies and are enabled with HTML5 or flash browsers.

Is There Any Benefit Of Playing Free Slot Games?

Being a registered casino player doesn’t mean one ought to play for real money every time. For an amateur looking to experience online casinos, registering yourself on online portals is a great way to avail free offers and benefits. Slots happen to be the cheapest yet one of the most played games ever. They help rake in more money for casinos than other outlets combined. Always ensure that you try out the demo version of a slot to check if you actually like the game. Some games feel good on paper but fail to deliver when you actually play them.

Does Playing Free Slots Help Your Chances Of Winning?

Playing free slot machines can certainly provide a better handle to learn the odds of online games. Many of these slot games have loopholes that one can take advantage and are therefore quite popular amongst slots that don’t have progressive jackpots. While there are many possible combinations of icons on a reel that remain highly randomized, a keen eye for possible patterns can help reveal if the house is slacking on some random number generator which can then be exploited to one’s advantage.


To sum it up, playing online casinos is an exciting prospect for newbies to try their luck. If you are someone who doesn’t have experience playing online slot machines, then it’s a safe bet to stick with free games and not directly go for money wagers. Try getting more experience first before going for money slots and never spend more than you can afford. At the end of the day, all of us playing online casinos to have some fun. So, play well and play responsibly.